Futuristic Views on Brexit


The recent statement by the United Kingdom’s Chancellor of the Exchequer stated that there would be no such trouble seen after the departure of the country from the European Union. Most of the things would run smoothly, in a similar and a more stable way.

Former foreign minister Philip Hammond, in the last year’s referendum voted so that the UK should remain in the EU and who is also accused by Eurosceptics regarding trying to derail Brexit has given some information about the governments views and wish to negotiate a deal with Brussels so as to cover the period between the Brexit and the time when a new trade policy would come into effect.

During the interview with the BBC, Radio’s Today program, he told that the UK would leave both the European unions, Single market and Custom’s Union, and he is concerned about the next step that would be taken by the government.

Hammond said between the analysis of the UK’s immigration policy, we can introduce full migration controls between the EU and the UK. He also said that it would take some time to deliver and stabilize the new IT systems, employees and the infrastructure.

The chancellor said that the current arrangements might not exactly be the same, there is a possibility of changes in some of the things. He also said that as long as the transition period lasted, it would strongly depend on the practical considerations and negotiations between the EU and the UK, that the process should get completed by the scheduled date till the next general election that would be held in June 2022.